Monday, June 29, 2009

Launching Favorite Media Via Hot Keys

Launching Oft-Played Media On The Complete Audio Desktop

Command emacspeak-multimedia lets you launch all forms of local and remote media. However this stil requires you to specify the media location --- and this requires a bunch of keystrokes that you end up repeating for selecting media that you play often, e.g., from your private music collection. No more extra keystrokes, you can now have Emacspeak automatically assign suitable hotkeys for launching emacspeak-media on your favorite audio collections.

How It Works

  • Customize Emacspeak option emacspeak-media-location-bindings using Emacs' Custom interface:
    M-x customize-variable --- 
    press C-H V in emacspeak.
  • Click ins to insert a key/location pair.
  • Click save to persist the binding.
  • pressing the assigned hotkey will automatically launch emacspeak-multimedia on the predefined location --- emacs will prompt you with regular filename completion for media resources found in that directory.

In my own case, I have favorites defined on hyper-<n> so I can define upto 10 hotkey assignments for media locations.Once launched, Emacspeak automatically switches to the media player buffer; note that this is different from how emacspeak-multimedia normally works. The justification: this hotkey interface is ideally suited to remote controls, joysticks, and any other peripheral via which you can deliver input to Emacs.