Thursday, July 20, 2006

Emacspeak And Accessible Search Via Google

Google has released an early experiment that favours easy to read Web content --- checkout the relevant Blog post here. Emacspeak has always had a set of Google Websearch tools --- and this set has now been enhanced with a shortcut to Accessible Search. Below, I'll summarize the set of Google Websearch tools in Emacspeak.

All Emacspeak Websearch tools are reached via the key-sequence C-e?. Specific search tools are selected by single-letter keystrokes following C-e? --- I'll enumerate some of these below.

Accessible Search --- Google Web Search that favors accessible content.
Vanila Google Search.
Google I'm Feeling Lucky --- takes you directly to the first search hit.
Google News Search.
EmapSpeak Via Google Maps.
Google Usenet Search.

Note that in addition, module emacspeak-url-template provides a number of Google tools as smart URLs.