Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Web The Way You Want

While working on miscellaneous Web related things including:

  • Working on the W3C TAG in trying to understand how HTML TagSoup and well-formed markup might co-exist on the Web --- without the bad perennially driving out the good,
  • Thinking about the Web Command Line, and placing various Web gadget/widget technologies in perspective,
  • Building Emacs-G-Client --- an Emacs client for Google services,
  • Connecting Emacs and Firefox via MozREPL to get the best of both worlds ,
  • Refactoring some of the Web-related code in Emacspeak to better reflect the underlying ideas,
  • Adding additional Web goodies to Emacspeak including Google Suggest in the Emacs minibuffer,
  • And items too numerous to fit in this margin ...

I also wrote a draft chapter on specialized Web browsing. Given the set of things I have been working on, the end result is to point out that given the architecture and underlying design principles of the Web as embodied by HTTP, URIs and HTML, specialized Web browsing is in fact not so specialized after all.