Friday, November 16, 2007

AxsJAX, Speech-Enabled Games And Auditory User Interfaces

This is not part of Emacspeak, but is relevant to emacspeak users given that:

  • Speech-enabled games have proven to be a successful means of discovering AUI techniques that work, beginning with the speech-enabled version of Tetris.
  • The emerging Emacs to Firefox connection using module emacspeak-moz.el and mozrepl
  • The ability to run Fire Vox with the Emacspeak speech servers --- look for a blog post on that soon.

Charles Chen and I recently released a JavaScript powered framework for access-enabling AJAX applications --- see AxsJAX. Along with access-enabling useful applications such as Google WebSearch and Google Reader, we also access-enabled JawBreaker, a popular game much in the spirit of Tetris --- but without a ticking clock. See AxsJAX showcase for pointer to this and other Web-2.0 applications that have been AxsJaxed.