Thursday, May 15, 2008

Emacspeak-28.0 (PuppyDog) Unleashed!

Emacspeak-28.0 (PuppyDog) Unleashed!

For Immediate Release

San Jose, CA, (May. 16, 2007)
Emacspeak: --- Bringing Cutting-Edge Access For Keen Users
--Zero cost of upgrade/downgrades makes priceless software affordable!

Emacspeak Inc (NASDOG: ESPK) announces the immediate world-wide availability of Emacspeak-27 --a powerful audio desktop for leveraging today's evolving data and service-oriented semantic Web.

Emacspeak can be downloaded from Google Code Hosting --see GoogleCode You can visit Emacspeak on the WWW at You can subscribe to the emacspeak mailing list by sending mail to the list request address The PuppyDog release is here. The latest development snapshot of Emacspeak is available via Subversion from Google Code Hosting at