Friday, December 04, 2015

A Ladspa Work-Bench For The Emacspeak Desktop

A Ladspa Work-Bench For The Emacspeak Audio Desktop

1 Executive Summary

Module ladspa.el in the Emacspeak GitHub repository implements a
high-level interface for experimenting with Ladspa Plugins using
MPlayer and SoX.

2 Module ladspa.el

This module implements the following functionality:

  1. Builds up a table of installed Ladspa plugins along with their
    associated metadata.
  2. Command M-x ladspa displays installed Ladspa Plugins in a
    special *Ladspa* buffer.
  3. Plugins can be instantiated by pressing RET.
  4. Instantiating a plugin prompts for its arguments and displays the
    instantiated plugin in a new buffer.
  5. This plugin can then be applied to a running MPlayer media
    stream by pressing a.
  6. The effect can be deleted by pressing d.
  7. Plugin parameters can be edited by pressing e with point on
    the parameter to edit.

3 Interfacing With SoX

Module sox.el implements an Audio Workbench using SoX. Module
ladspa.el integrates with that module by allowing the addition of
ladspa as a supported SoX effect. Adding a ladspa effect results
in a completion interface for picking one of the available Ladspa
plugin; once selected, that plugin then prompts for its parameters as

Date: <2015-12-04 Fri>

Author: raman

Created: 2015-12-04 Fri 20:03