Saturday, May 30, 2020

Magit/Forge Cheatsheet For GitHub Workflow

Magit/Forge Fork And Create Pull-Request Cheat-Sheet For GitHub

The previous article covered the fork/create-pullreq workflow for
GitHub without using a browser.
It turns out that in learning by doing, I had made a few mis-steps
that made things a lot more convoluted. Here is a quick cheat-sheet on
how to do this exclusively with Magit/Forge.

  1. Run M-x magit-status on your Git clone of the project to
    which you wish to contribute.
  2. Add your GitHub user-id "tvraman" in my case to forge custom
    option forge-owned-accounts.
  3. In the magit-status buffer above, type 'cf to create the fork
    and answer the prompts with the defaults as they appear in the minibuffer.
  4. Create your feature branch, add your contribution and check-in.
  5. In the magit-status buffer, type 'cp to create the

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